Diary of a Coon Cat Family
Mousie is the diary of a Coon-cat family. It’s a true story told from the cats’ perspective and records the outrageous behavior, activities and life transforming change they experience over a nine year period.
First entries are made by Orie and Duffie as they are born in the wild, captured and taken to live in a human society. When Mousie is born the focus shifts to his love of life and the zany courage he displays throughout his struggle with a life-threatening illness.
Mousie was conceived as a children’s book for adults with the idea that all ages will enjoy the adventure at their level of understanding. The power of dreams to transform consciousness and patterns of daily reality created by thought and behavior are major themes with a few animal-rights insights floating throughout.



Napolean’s Bathtub
Napoleon’s Bathtub techniques create the internal space – the relaxed strength – to live life as a lover, transforming shadows along the way. Contraction is the heart of shadows; shadows of fear, shadows of illness, shadows of depression and shadows of anger. Transforming shadows into love – whatever the technique – is the lesson and action for our time.
Personal experiences and the experiences of students and clients are found throughout. For example, an eminent doctor from an outstanding NYC hospital once advised, “There’s a tumor the size of a small grapefruit in your uterus. You must have a hysterectomy immediately.” I replied, “I’ll work on it for several months at which point we can see what’s happening.” To his amazement, the tumor was gone in four months. That was many years ago and it hasn’t returned.