Willful Burning of National Forests


This type of project is going on all over the country.  The Four Forests Restoration Initiative (“4FRI”) is the largest yet proposed, totaling more than two million acres in central and eastern Arizona.  The first half of the project is in an area around Flagstaff, in the Kaibab and Coconino National Forests.  The Forest Service wants to replace the unbroken forest with “a mosaic of interspaces and tree groups”; to eradicate most of the Ponderosa pines, which it considers a “weed”; and to do this by thinning and burning one million acres of Arizona forest, including 98% of protected habitat for the Mexican Spotted Owl.  In order to permanently alter the landscape, the Forest Service plans to burn every area of the forest every five years, from now on.  Before it burns the first time, however, it will invite a logging company from Montana down to harvest 300,000 acres of trees.

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement is available here:


I posted general information on Face book regarding the Forest Service’s attack on our National Forests. Only one friend responded. I also posted the email comment I sent to the Forest Service and still no comments. My comment to the Forest Service follows:

“This project to burn over a million acres of forest land after reaping benefits from selling 300 thousand acres to lumber companies is one of the most incomprehensibly evil projects I’ve encountered in my lifetime. Your 4FRI project is another of the “new” so called scholarly environmental interventions designed to return the landscape to the way you figure it was back at the turn of the century etc. What a bunch of bull crap. You redesigned the waterways throughout the west with disastrous results. You redesigned the grasslands of the Midwest and created the great dust bowl disaster and on and on it goes. I’m certain you’re aware of the catastrophic history of the Army Corp of Engineers and others like the Forest Service. It’s too, too unfortunate that the pencil pushing engineers of this destruction won’t be on the front lines of the great burns, sucking up the poisonous smoke all the southwest will be forced to endure. Too bad you have no regard for the wildlife population that will suffer horribly through loss of habitat and smoke inhalation and for what. This is supposed to be the people’s land – we have not given our permission for this horror to ensue, nor will we benefit from the $$$$ the government will gain. I would rather die in the gutter than work for or be associated with an organization so diabolically evil.”

The Forest Service policies toward the people’s land is certainly in keeping with the  general philosophy of the USDA which is responsible for developing and executing U.S. government policy on

Farming, Forestry, Food and Natural Resources.  And Obama shows his support of these philosophies in the signing of the Monsanto Protection Act which requires the USDA to approve the growing, harvesting and selling of genetically modified food.  Meanwhile, back at the “ranch”, Michelle is growing organic veggies  on the White-house lawn. Don’t you love the hypocrisy?