Dehydration is Painful!

Have you fainted for no apparent reason or experienced painful cramps throughout the body? Before rushing off to the emergency room, treat yourself with16 oz of water pronto and be amazed as nausea and pain diminishes or disappears. Hospital emergency rooms do a lot of rehydrating of patients and charge thousands of dollars before releasing the patient in a few hours. Don’t contribute to their coffers.

A dear friend, who happens to be an MD, misdiagnosed her dehydration experience. She fainted and hit her head with considerable force. She went to the emergency room for diagnosis; they rehydrated her for several hours and dismissed her; the bill was $5000. That’s a lot of bucks for a little water.

18 years ago, shortly after moving to New Mexico, I fainted on a restaurant terrace while eating and never went to a MD. Initially, I thought it to be food poisoning or a strange allergy. That was way before my knowledge of dehydration. Now I know it was dehydration. It took me years before getting the message: drink sufficient water or suffer serious consequences.

The next episode occurred years later when I awoke into horrible nausea while lying in bed. The ceiling rolled and the walls swayed. Fortunately a friend came to my aid in the middle of the night with mucho water and a potassium tablet. What an ordeal.  Soon as I drank approximately 16 oz of water all symptoms disappeared.

For a while I drank more water, but gradually returned to earlier habits of juice, Kombucha and black tea. Little did I know the fire of fate challenged with my careless approach.  Then …..after sitting in a hot tub without drinking water, I fainted, in extreme nausea, while struggling toward drinking water and a potassium pill. I awoke on a cement floor, initially unable to move or determine how I arrived there.

It took a while to get up…………. and move across a large room to a bed; a difficult assignment as I zigzagged, totally out of control in the general direction. The knot on the back of my head was enormous….. the size of a large orange. Once again I didn’t go to the hospital and felt prepared to die. My mom died 10 hours after falling from a 9 foot platform so it wasn’t out of the question. I had no fear as I drank a massive amount of water and quickly felt 100% better.

I used to ignore a painfully dry mouth but now I know it calls for immediate action.  At 74 and living in the desert, I drink 8 oz of water every 3 hours AND always have water on hand in case of first signs of nausea or a sudden cramp, ache or pain. Each fainting spell was preceded by unbelievably severe nausea, a signal that must never be ignored in order to avoid cracking head or worse. Now I know to quickly lie down in order to avoid the crash against the floor. 

Never drink sport-drinks or water that comes in plastic. All plastics off-gas BPA, phthalates or other toxins. Never drink fluoridated water, instead try reverse osmosis and add electrolytes.Chemtrails leach potassium from the body so I take potassium and magnesium every day along with cell-salts.

Everybody 60+ and desert dwellers must read Your Bodies Many Cries for Water. Years ago I thought the book most interesting. But now I know it’s truth from personal experience.  The book discusses the many health issues successfully treated with water including knee pain, arthritis and headache to name a very few.