Loving to Paint

I came to art in my ‘50s which means I’ve been drawing and painting for 20 years. It began when beloved Mousie died and I needed illustrations to convey his beautiful story. Living in Georgia at the time and running a newspaper, it was a delightful pastime away from the horrors of local news.

With the exception of “Gypsy Caravan” everything is focused on animals and desert scenes. Animals are my passion, the desert my endurance – compelling me to work at the canvas when I’d probably enjoy the simple pleasures of snoozing in bed.

The donkeys lived with me in Georgia and filled each day with many delights. Bumble, the silver jackass, was air lifted from the Grand Canyon, during the donkey removal in the ‘80s. Although he was already quite old when he came to Georgia, he was full of fire and brimstone, producing a lovely family with beautiful Ginger.

Traveling throughout the southwest I walked the magical arroyos, Rockies, mesas, and pedernals, experiencing wondrous scenes from long ago when native populations ruled the day.  Bumble’s World is the first of the mirage series. I was walking an unusually deep arroyo in the Capital Reef area when suddenly 4 children between 10 and 12 appeared, running in front of me. They cut in front from the right and quickly ascended a mound overlooking a vast expanse where a monumental event was occurring. The drumming and chanting could be heard from a distance calling forth the gigantic spirit forms often depicted in the abundant rock art.

Often my art tells a story, in keeping with a long history in NYC theater. For example, “Finale”, shows a penguin family watching an elder walk off into the desolate mountains to die. This is a yearly occurrence in the frozen wilds of the South Pole. 

A love affair with Ravens started at Grand Canyon. We pulled into the tourist shower area where I sat transfixed by enormous Ravens large as penguins. I’d never seen one before; it was love at first sight.

“Fire Storm” is inspired by living next to a national forest that has burned several times, creating very scary experiences. One night I awoke at 3 am to see an enormous fire raging behind my house.   

In Georgia I sold controversial color drawings showing the KKK at outdoor carnival-fair and sharks circling an island of beauty. I love juxtaposing opposites. I plan to do some more of the small social commentary pieces in the near future…………..I guess, if I continue loving to paint.

This is the first time I’ve shown my art in a very public venue. Hope you enjoy them – and let me know if you would like to make a purchase.