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Feed Human Grade Pet Food, Not Soylent Green
"Soylent Green is people" Charlton Heston screamed, running through the streets of a futuristic NYC in the prophetic 1972 film of the same name. He had just discovered the food being fed a starving metropolis was made out of rendered people. Guess what! Commercial pet food and much livestock feed is made of a contemporary Soylent Green: dog eating dog, cat eating cat and cow eating cow. READ MORE...

What Are Our Fur-Babies Eating? Read the Labels
Updated from 1/03 issue of the Horsefly newspaper | My elderly dog, Missy had bladder cancer, arthritis and was taking drugs for chronic constipation. Her days were numbered so I radically changed her diet from Hill’s Science Diet CD to a variety of home prepared food mixtures. Mystery of mysteries: overnight the constipation problem disappeared. I was stunned at Missy’s transformation and curious to learn the details of pet food ingredients. It didn’t take long to discover that MOST commercial pet foods are a nightmare brew of unimaginable ingredients such as rubber stabilizer, rancid restaurant grease, euthanized pets and indescribable animal tissues. READ MORE...

Sacred Clowns of Taos Pueblo
Updated from 9/99 issue of the Horse Fly Newspaper | For our delight, reflection and mild terror, San Geronimo Day brings forth the Sacred Clowns (Koshares), those scary black and white-striped mischief-makers who victimize all who happen to catch their ever-searching eyes. Bad attitudes and poor manners are spotted with uncanny accuracy and instantly imitated. Society at large is under the Koshares' piercing scrutiny. READ MORE...

Poisoned Skies
Chemtrail photos of Taos skies are found at end of article | Stratotankers and KC-10 Extenders are active in eastern skies over Taos early in the morning, and follow the sun, laying out super-wide trails that expand across the sky. Layers of murky white with large X's among the design appear when rain is forecast. Slowly the sky is covered with a milky film of fibers and chemicals. The rain never falls. It's a dismaying process to observe. Spring has seen the aerosolization increase to the point that most blue skies are haze-covered by 11AM. READ MORE...

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